Visiting Squamish from the Skies

If you’re in the market for adventure, there’s no better place to be than Squamish. Better known as the adventure capital of Canada, Squamish is jam-packed with enough adrenaline-fueled, outdoor activities to satisfy the inner thrill-seeker in all of us. The views from above Squamish are unrivaled and there are plenty of ways to experience them. The Scenic Rush Sky Pilot Experience is the perfect balance of Sea to Sky Highway driving and high-altitude adventure. Here’s what to expect with the spectacular Scenic Rush Sky Pilot Experience:

The most incredible 120 kilometer drive

Piloting one exotic supercar for 120 kilometers along the Sea to Sky Highway is an experience you will never forget. Now, imagine getting the opportunity to pilot up to four exotic super cars in a single trip up to Squamish. It’s all in a day’s work seeing as this is how your Scenic Rush Sky Pilot Experience begins. Thankfully there will be plenty of stops along the Sea to Sky Highway allowing you to switch between exotic cars and take plenty of photos.

Breathtaking lunch with a view from above

After arriving in Squamish, quickly wave goodbye to ground-level views since you will soon be riding the Sea to Sky Gondola all the way up to the Summit Lodge. How does lunch with a 360-degree view of Howe Sound and the Sky Pilot Mountain range sound? After lunch, it’s off to the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge to take in spectacular views of the Stawamus Chief, Mount Garibaldi and Howe Sound area.

Aerial tour with Sea to Sky Air

After returning to your personal fleet of exotic super cars, your journey will continue on to the Squamish Airport. This is where the real adventure begins. If you enjoyed the views from the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge, you will absolutely relish the views witnessed from your personal airplane tour courtesy of Sea to Sky Air. The Sea to Sky Air tour of Squamish takes you through breathtaking passes of Squamish’s most thrilling peeks. From there, it’s back to the driver’s seat of your exotic super car as you head back home, once again experiencing the incredible views along the Sea to Sky Highway.

There’s no better way to tour the adventure capital of Canada than in an exotic sports car. If you’re interested in touring Squamish in style, book an exotic driving experience with Scenic Rush. Our fleet of exotic sports cars includes a Ferrari F430 Spider, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo and Corvette Z06. To book a Sea to Sky exotic driving experience, visit our website or call us at a 604-926-5777.




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