Touring Whistler in Style

At Scenic Rush, we know there are many ways to explore Whistler. As British Columbia’s premier resort destination, Whistler is well-known as a luxury playground for skiing, snowboarding, hiking and other adventure sports. But what if there was a different way to experience the beauty of Whistler? If you’re considering an all-day luxury experience in Whistler, we’ve got just the thing. No, we’re not talking about a luxury spa or resort; we’re talking about the ultimate Whistler experience that involves driving four exotic cars along the Sea to Sky Highway and throughout Whistler Village.

The Drive

Experience the Sea to Sky Highway and Whistler like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll feel the scenic rush as you’re weaving through forests, mountains, valleys and Whistler Village in the driver’s seat of our luxury car collection. Your exotic car experience begins in West Vancouver and takes you to Whistler as you travel along British Columbia’s lush scenery, islands and mountain ranges, making three stops along the way.

The Trip

The ultimate exotic car driving experience is a 225km round trip that spans between 7-8 hours and includes lunch in Whistler Village. Also included in this luxury package is an exotic car crawl around Whistler Village where you’ll be sure to catch plenty of attention. During your exotic car experience, you’ll have plenty of free time for photo opportunities and exploring Whistler Village.

The Cars

The only thing comparable to experiencing the Sea to Sky Highway and Whistler in an, exotic supercar is experiencing it in four different exotic supercars. Our exotic car fleet includes the following cars:

Interested in experience the luxury of Whistler with an exotic twist? Book your next Whistler adventure with us today or call us at 604-926-5777.

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