Touring Beautiful Porteau Cove in an Exotic Sports Car

Squamish, BC is home to many incredible spots, one of which is beautiful Porteau Cove Provincial Park. Porteau Cove is a popular tourist attraction come spring and summer, alive with various activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, camping and stargazing! No matter which direction you are coming from, the drive alone is incredible. The beautiful Sea to Sky Highway rewards motorists with stunning views of the mountains, forests and ocean.

Touring beautiful Porteau Cove in an exotic sports car

For thrill seekers looking for a one-of-a-kind Porteau Cove experience, Scenic Rush has you covered. Our Porteau Cove Experience is an exclusive, exotic sports car experience like none other. Visiting Porteau Cove is one thing. Touring Porteau Cove behind the wheel of two stylish, exotic sports cars is another. Learn more about touring beautiful Porteau Cove in an exotic sports car with Scenic Rush.

Touring Porteau Cove with two exotic sports cars

Our Porteau Cove driving experience is ideal for two people looking for a once in a lifetime driving experience with not one, but two stunning, exotic sports cars. Drivers have two different choices to make when deciding which two cars they will tour Porteau Cove with.

The first choice is between our pearl green Lamborghini Gallardo and our hot-blooded, racing red Ferrari F430 Spider. This is a tough choice as both cars yield incredible horsepower, torque and aesthetic.

The second choice is between our Audi R8, Nissan GT-R and Corvette Z06. Another incredibly tough decision. Our pearl white Nissan GT-R coupe (also known as Godzilla) can reach incredible speeds with just a tap of the accelerator. The Audi R8 raises the bar for German engineering and is a favourite among exotic sports car aficionados. Finally, there is the Corvette Z06. The Corvette seamlessly merges raw American muscle with lavish European aesthetic, creating an unparalleled driving experience.

Drivers beware. These are tough decisions to make. Fortunately, the Porteau Cove Experience starts at $395. It is our most affordable exotic driving experience, just in case you want to experience it again with our remaining fleet!

What to expect in the Porteau Cove Experience?

With our Porteau Cove Experience, drivers can expect stunning scenery, legendary backdrops and incredible views. It is the perfect way to tour Porteau Cove and all of its beauty. The tour is an hour long and it covers 48 kilometers from West Vancouver to Porteau Cove and back. The tour is available between April and October. For available dates and scheduling options, please check out the details of the Porteau Cove Experience on our website.

To learn more about our Porteau Cove Experience or any of our other exotic sports car driving experiences, please contact Scenic Rush at 1-855-926-5777 or visit our website today. Our incredible fleet of exotic sports cars includes a Ferrari F430 Spider, Lamborghini Gallardo LP, Corvette C7 Z06, Nissan GT-R and Audi R8. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and behind-the-scenes updates by following Scenic Rush on Instagram and Facebook.

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