Drive Exotic Cars in Vancouver

What does it feel like to get behind the wheel of an exotic car? The exhilarating feeling of your foot on the gas, your hands wrapped tightly on the steering wheel,  400 horsepower in your full control. Best of all – Vancouver in your rear view mirror and the best of beautiful British Columbia surrounding you as you make your way. Now who wouldn’t want to be part of that experience?

Experience Vancouver in an assortment of ways

If you are looking to explore Vancouver and the British Columbia coast, we can help you do exactly that. Whether it is on the pavements in a super car or in the air! Check out some of our exhilarating experiences including:

Scenic Rush Vancouver Lamborghini GallardoThe Sea to Sky Experience – This experience puts you behind our exotic cars, including a Lamborghini Gallardo. Starting in West Vancouver you carve out the coastline and experience some of the best scenery that British Columbia has to offer.

The Whistler Experience – Get farther up the Sea to Sky Highway in this experience. Here you will get to drive from West Vancouver to Whistler village. This all-day excursion will let you experience the four exotic cars, the scenery, and North America’s premier resort destination.

Sea to Sky Exotic Drive & Fly – Step up your experience another level and soar above the sky with SKY Helicopters. With this package you will drive up the Sea to Sky Highway and finish with a 45-minute tour of the majestic coastline.

The Sky Pilot Experience – If you are looking for the best of the best, here it is. Experience the exotic cars up the Sea to Sky Highway, travel across the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge, and fly high with SKY Helicopters. This is one event you won’t forget any time soon.

Four exotic cars to choose from

The British Columbia coast is renowned for its beauty, but if that doesn’t excite you, we know the exotic cars will. Check out our exotic cars including a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. These beasts will make your heart race as you twist and turn up the highway. The only thing is, once you are done, your normal car will just not feel the same.

If you are looking to experience Vancouver in all its glory, look no further. Scenic Rush offers packages for small and large groups, great experiences for locals or tourists from a far. Check out our exotic driving experiences and book online. If you have any questions, contact us at 1-855-926-5777.

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