4 Things to have on your Bucket List

If you haven’t seen the movie or heard the term ‘bucket list’, it’s a list of goals or life long dreams that you wish to accomplish and experience in your lifetime. This list can include anything and everything you have always wanted to do, whether it’s big, small or random. At Scenic Rush, We have compiled a list of some of the most popular bucket list items from around the world.

Travel the Globe

Experience British ColumbiaTraveling is likely the most popular item and high up on anyone’s bucket list. Whether it’s to an exotic country across the world, within your own country or to a beautiful city like Vancouver BC. People are eager to explore and experience something new. British Columbia has been a destination that people all over the world have travelled to see. It has tons of spectacular views and many things to do. Definitely one for the list.

Learn a New Language

Impress the people around you when you learn a foreign language. Not only will it help you improve your travelling experiences, but also improve your brainpower, self-confidence and employability. There are many resources out there to help you learn a new language in today’s world.

Write a Book

Ever had that thought, “I should really write a book?” Many of us have had interesting life events that are share worthy and to have it all summed up in a book would be a great way of explaining your story. Maybe we have a fiction novel already thought out in our mind and to actually have your idea put onto paper and then published would be an ultimate accomplishment. Many people dream of writing their own book as it can help to capture a legacy and put one’s stamp on the world. Is this one on your list?

Experience an Extreme Thrill

Drive Exotic CarsThis is one item on the majority of people’s bucket lists. The feeling of adrenaline sets in just writing this. We seek a rush or a thrill to get our heart racing. Imagine jumping out of an airplane or bungee jumping off a bridge in Whistler, BC. Though that ‘rush’ lasts only a few minutes, anyone who has experienced it will say it’s a feeling they will never forget! At Scenic Rush in Vancouver BC, we can offer you that ultimate rush experience through driving an exotic car! Many will never get a chance to get behind an exotic car and feel 500 horsepower under their foot. With a Scenic Rush exotic driving experiences you can bundle multiple bucket list items into one great experience.

If you are looking to cross some items off your bucket list, start here. We offer you the experience to drive an exotic car along the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway and many other ways to enjoy the Canadian west coast. Contact us for more information by calling 1-855-926-5777 or by visiting our website to book your experience online.

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